South Asian Connection

Join Us!

Dear friends,

We are inviting you to be part of an exciting and pioneering project geared toward South Asian youth and young adults around the world. You can help make a difference in the lives of others right from where you are by educating non-Christians and curious inquirers about the Gospel and being a source of encouragement to South Asians who already are believers.

Through the South Asian Connection website we envision a medium that will be Biblically and culturally relevant to our times and the broader South Asian community globally. But we need your help! We are constantly looking for those with a passion to serve and with talents and skills to offer.

How can I be involved?

Consider submitting an article! Or, if you think you would like to help out or be involved in the SAC team in some other way, get in touch with one of our staff members (see the Bio Page) or tell us about your thoughts and ideas by sending us an e-mail: [email protected]

Guidelines for Article Submission

If you choose to write an article, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

1. Give us a general sense for what type of submission you are making (an article or a blog) and what subject(s) it would fit under. We are interested in - though certainly not limited to - content in the following areas: Apologetics, entertainment, family matters, leadership, misconceptions about Christianity, missions, testimonies, personal reflections, relationship issues, and sports. To get a general sense for what kind of articles we're looking for, just take a look at what we already have under each subject on the website! We are open to content beyond just articles (e.g., photographs, multimedia content, transcripts, interviews, interesting links, etc.)

2. If you are submitting an article, please write a brief summary of about 25-70 words. Every article must contain a summary that will be displayed on the homepage.

3. Give us a short profile of yourself as well which we can include along with your submission. A mug shot of yourself would also be helpful. Limit your profile to 100 words.

4. Send an e-mail to one of the editors or to another staff member (see bio page for e-mail addresses) with your submission. Please understand that all content must be vetted and edited by an editor and that changes may need to be made for the sake of length, language and content. An editor will be in contact with you once you have made a submission. Not all content will be put up on the website.

We want to construct a global South Asian Connection team, so we invite you to pray and join us from the part of the world God has planted you. We are looking for godly, passionate people with theological knowledge or ministry experience or just a heart that desires to serve to be part of the South Asian Connection team!

With passion, prayer and purpose,

The SAC Team