South Asian Connection



Why are we writing? And WHY you should sponsor and give liberally?

1. Growing - The work of South Asian Connection has grown exponentially. We are in transition phase with a growing demand on our time, talents and resources.

2. Go-ing - South Asian Connection is actively involved in mobilizing young people for local and global missions. The Lord continues to use us as bridge builders and connectors opening doors of opportunity to serve His Kingdom.

3. Giving - South Asian Connection believes that people matter to God and invests into the lives of young people. Your partnership will help see this investment establish the Kingdom of God among our present and future generations.

4. Gospel - To be a Great Commission Christian amongst the South Asian community requires godly-guts, risk-taking, boldness and a challenge to do the extra-ordinary for God.

5. Gateway - The urban city centers of the world is a gateway to the second economic giant - India. This kairos opportunity for individuals who have a heart for South Asian ministry is a present truth and now.

6. Google - sounds familiar. The internet presents a powerful new media and a new mission field. South Asian Connection aspires to maintain a godly, cutting edge, online presence reaching thousands of South Asians locally and globally with the life giving message of the Lord Jesus Christ.

7. Glorifying - South Asian Connection brings glory to God and is a blessing to individuals, families and the nations.

 Why am I so bold in asking and why should you give?

Your generous support will go into the ministry of South Asian Connection.

The officers at South Asian Connection, including myself, do not take salaries and the monies donated go to organizing, creating awareness and expanding South Asian Connection to bring it to the next level. We have actively sown into this vision and have obediently sacrificed for South Asian Connection to come this far. But the time has come to add structure, organization and to give salaries to our part-time staff to adequately care for their needs.

May the Lord stir your heart to give abundantly, super-hilariously and cheerfully. If you are led to give, please send your financial contributions via the following options listed below. We are also calling into existence by faith partners who will be able to partner with us monthly. This will allow us to create a budget and fulfill this vision that the Lord has given us. 


Sponsorship Options:

1. Cheques

Please make cheques payable to:  SOUTH ASIAN CONNECTION

Post cheques in sealed envelope to:  

171, Union Building
Tras Street, # 07-177
Singapore 079177

2. Electronic Fund Transfer

Name of Bank: United Overseas Bank [Singapore]

Bank Code: 3420-795-400

Bank Number: 307-5392382

3. Online Credit Card payment (Visa or MasterCard)

Please log onto the South Asian Connection website and follow fully secure PayPal directions.

Make sponsorship to: I Give To South Asian Connection

4. In Kind/ Volunteer or Internship with SAC

We welcome volunteer opportunites as SAC interns, e-mail mentors/coaches or outsourcing of help in the multifold work of South Asian Connection as an organization.

We accept sponsorship in kind of the following items to establish South Asian Connection offices in Singapore and elsewhere.

Office Supplies, Computer, Computer Software, Lap Top, Projector, Video Camera, Digital Camera

"A gift open the way for the giver and ushers him into the presence of the great." Proverbs 18:16

We appreciate your support to the Lord's work through us. Prayerfully partner with us to reach the South Asian community locally and globally for Jesus Christ.

With every blessing to you,

Pastor Pritam Singh Sandhu
Founder, South Asian Connection